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Our Story

A direct hit to his plane during wartime gave Prof. Ronnie Tepper a moment of clarity. He recognized that the same techniques used to train Air Force pilots could be applied to make physicians better. He has since developed dozens of patents in the field of ultrasound simulation, that eventually yield SimHawk.

"I understood the tremendous power of a good simulation,
which gives confidence in a place of uncertainty."

Founded on a passion for innovation, SimHawk emerged to bridge the gap between theory and practice, shaping a unique space in the realm of healthcare education. Our platform, designed for accessibility and versatility, caters to the learning needs of healthcare professionals at every stage of their career.

Our Mission

Making ultrasound more accessible to medical professionals around the world, in order to enhance their expertise and improve diagnostic accuracy using cutting-edge ultrasound technology.

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Meet the Team

Our team consists of experts in ultrasound practice and training, image processing, and 3D computer algorithms.

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