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CAE Partnership

CAE Partnership

CAE Healthcare, a global leader in healthcare simulation solutions, recently announced their partnership with SimHawk to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of ultrasound education. This collaboration will optimize and streamline ultrasound learning by pairing SimHawk’s didactic and motion-
based applied learning and CAE Healthcare’s manikin-based simulation offered through the CAE Vimedix product line.


"We continue to identify best-of-breed organizations to partner with in delivering multimodal simulation solutions that encompass physical, digital, virtual and immersive products, so we are delighted to add SimHawk to our portfolio of offerings for ultrasound training and education,” said Jeff Evans, President, CAE Healthcare. “By partnering with SimHawk, we are augmenting our established Vimedix platform that makes training and education more accessible and efficient, and we are enhancing our role as a leader in ultrasound simulation”.

Healthcare educator staffing shortages continue to grow while demand for learning surges. By extending CAE Healthcare’s current ultrasound training infrastructure with SimHawk’s complementary technologies, healthcare institutions can drive learning efficacy and bring more capacity for improved care. The combined product offerings will extend learning across simulation modalities and enable comprehensive analysis and actionable insights.

This partnership easily integrates into existing curricula by balancing the
needs of students for self-directed practice and competency evaluation and
the growing demand for ultrasound training.


When learners begin their ultrasound journey, SimHawk provides interactive scenarios with physics-based foundations, which gives the learner an understanding of transducer selection and image optimization. They are then prepared to continue their education using the CAE Vimedix simulator that aligns movement, image acquisition, anatomical comprehension and
pathology detection for a growing number of cases and pathologies.

“This collaboration enables a holistic ultrasound training solution through
all levels of expertise,”
said Prof. Ronnie Tepper, Chief Medical Officer and Founder, SimHawk. “With SimHawk's cloud-based simulation, offering
flexibility for training anywhere and anytime, combined with CAE Healthcare’s complementary product line, we are confident that the potential for
transforming the ultrasound education experience is boundless.”

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